Southern Tier Cider Works
From Beer to Cider
Big Flavor Local Orchards
Naturally Gluten Free. Made with Real Juice. No Sugar Added.

Proud of our roots, Western New York orchards provide


pressed apples that go into each handcrafted batch of our

Crisp and Refreshing Hard Cider

About Southern Tier Cider Works

Southern Tier Cider Works is handcrafted in Lakewood, NY.

Each hard cider is a proud homage to its Western New York roots and features real juice from Mayer Brothers, one of the oldest family-owned businesses in New York State. Local orchards provide deliciously fresh pressed apples that go into each batch of the crisp and refreshing cider. The Hard Cider line delivers a range of big flavor and variety from hazy to bright and dry to sweet at 5% ABV and less calories than similar brands. All Southern Tier Cider Works offerings are naturally gluten free, made with real juice and no added sugar.

As true entrepreneurs in craft beverage, Phin and Sara DeMink have been on an endless pursuit to bring the most in flavor. In 2002, they founded Southern Tier Brewing Company, brewing bold and innovative ales like Pumking, 2XIPA and the Blackwater Nitro Imperial Stout series. Never satisfied, they opened Southern Tier Distilling Company in 2016 with a range of spirits, including hopped whiskey and a line of canned craft cocktails. They now welcome Southern Tier Cider Works to their family. Southern Tier will always stay curious and continue to find new ways to deliver quality craft flavor.

Mayer Brothers Orchards
Flavor For All
Cider Pack'd

Cider Pack'd Variety Pack

From dry to semi-sweet and from hazy to bright, Cider Pack’d offers a variety of big flavors, made with real juice from local orchards. There are three cans of each flavor: Unfiltered Apple, Honey Ginger, Rosé Hibiscus and variety-pack exclusive Blood Orange.

4 Flavors | 3 of Each

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Unfiltered Apple

Unfiltered Apple

Our Unfiltered Apple is hazy and dry from a perfect assortment of homegrown apples.

5.0% ABV

Southern Tier Cider Works Barn Logo
Rosé Hibiscus

Rosé Hibiscus

Our Rosé Hibiscus is bright, semi-dry and elegantly floral from homegrown apples and hibiscus petals.

5.0% ABV

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Honey Ginger

Honey Ginger

Our Honey Ginger is bright, semi-sweet and delightfully balanced with honey, ginger, and homegrown apples.

5.0% ABV

Southern Tier Cider Works Barn Logo

Available in Six-packs & On Draft

Unfiltered Apple Six-pack
Rosé Hibiscus Six-pack
Honey Ginger Six-pack
Unfiltered Apple on Draft Rosé Hibiscus on Draft Honey Ginger on Draft


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